Case Study Restructuring For an Organisation of Charitable Status

Project Content Formation of a process to facilitate restructure of the senior management team
Company An organisation of charitable status
Project Requirements

The organisation was in financial difficulty and found it necessary to restructure the senior management team, in order to run the operation more efficiently and make cost savings.

Our Approach

  • An audit was undertaken to establish the nature of the organisation's redundancy policies and to make any necessary changes.
  • A project plan was formulated detailing each stage of the process.
  • A framework was established to assist the organisation in reviewing the current structure of the senior management team, ascertaining the exact nature of each role.
  • Selection criteria were developed and the organisation was supported in using these to make decisions for restructuring and making redundancies.
  • The organisation was given advice in developing a more efficient senior management team structure.
  • Support was offered to the organisation in making and implementing the redundancies which became necessary as a result of the restructuring. This involved consulting with employees, looking at other employment opportunities, supporting individuals to seek alternative work and calculating redundancy payments.

The Results

The senior management team has now been restructured, offering the organisation considerable cost savings and enabling them to operate within their financial constraints. The roles within the senior management team have been realigned to fulfill all the functions in a more effective manner.

Benefits to the Organisation

  • A streamlined senior management team with increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The organisation was protected against potential claims of unfairness, as the project was managed by an objective party in line with best practice

Ongoing Partnership

The organisation continues to commission Silver Consulting to carry out projects on an ad hoc basis, in order to assist their in house HR team.

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