Case Study Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures For an Engineering Company

Project Content Design and development of Disciplinary and Grievance policies and procedures
Company An engineering company with 85 employees
Project Requirements

The Company recognised a need for a Disciplinary and Grievance procedure to protect it from any potential claims and to ensure it dealt with issues on a fair basis. Due to the lack of internal expertise the Company also required ongoing support in dealing with any disciplinary and grievance cases.

Our Approach

  • An audit was undertaken to assess the culture, working practices and levels of understanding evident within the business.
  • A project plan was devised which detailed the work which needed to be completed and when.
  • A Disciplinary and Grievance policy and procedure were developed and agreed over a series of meetings with the client.
  • A presentation was prepared to communicate the new policy to staff.
  • In line with Silver Consulting's philosophy, training was arranged to devolve skills to managers in order that in future they may be effective in dealing with these issues.
  • User friendly management guidelines were designed to assist managers conducting disciplinary/grievance proceedings.
  • Ongoing support was offered via the phone to deal with specific cases.

The Results

The Company now has a Disciplinary and Grievance policy and procedure, which has been communicated to all employees within the Company. Furthermore, managers throughout the Company have been given training on dealing with discipline and grievance issues.

Benefits to the Company

  • Access to specialist expertise in sensitive HR case handling.
  • Risk reduction - of potential employee claims against the business.
  • Consistency - cases are now being handled in a consistent, fair manner.
  • Reduction in administrative workload / management time spent on dealing with sensitive HR issues.

Ongoing Partnership

The Company also committed to a long term partnership with Silver Consulting, with the provision of ongoing HR support and advice.

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