Case Study Performance Appraisal for a specialist recruitment consultancy

Project Content Design of a performance appraisal policy and procedure and delivery of associated training
Company A national recruitment consultancy with 200 employees
Project Requirements

The Company's Directors recognised a need for a Performance Appraisal policy and procedure in order to improve the effectiveness of employees and support their development.

Our Approach

  • An evaluation was made of current performance management measures and the changing requirements of the organisation.
  • A plan was then developed to meet the Company's needs.
  • A policy and procedure were created to fit the specific requirements of the business and to support their strategic objectives.
  • Training was designed to enable managers to disseminate skills acquired on the course to their colleagues. This enabled all employees to gain an understanding of the appraisal system and how it would benefit them.

The Results

The Performance Appraisal system has now been integrated into the Company. Employees have an appraisal twice a year with their manager. It has given the Company a tool for understanding how effective each individual is, how their people can support the Company's vision and where training may be required.

Benefits to the Company

  • Improves standards of performance and efficiency.
  • Increases morale and motivation.
  • Highlights training needs to ensure employees are working to their full potential.
  • Identifies 'key potential' in individuals at an early stage to enable them to be 'fast tracked'.
  • Enables feedback to be provided to individuals on their performance.
  • Identifies any problems which might be restricting an employee's progress and / or are causing difficulties with work practices.
  • Establishes a current picture of employees' capabilities.
  • Assists the pay review process.

Ongoing Partnership

The Company also committed to a long term partnership with Silver Consulting, with the provision of ongoing HR support and advice.

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